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A partnership with Adcorp gives you the tools, systems, and support you need to succeed.

Business these days is global. Do you have the right technology to move your business to the next level? We assist small businesses to automate and develop systems that make doing business easier by implementing a well designed plan to move your business to the next level while minimising risk and reducing downtime.

As your technology adviser, we want to be part of your whole journey. We do not pretend to know or understand your business better than you do, but we do know technology. From Cloud to End Points, and everything inbetween, Adcorp can assist you by identifying the best technology solutions for your specific needs.



Technology Needs Analysis

A technology needs analysis is the first step in good system design. It looks at exactly what you do and how you do it. Making recommendations on how to make your systems, more reliable, more automated and more cost effective. Our technology analysis is a wholistic look at hardware requirements, system environments, software applications, communications technology, web presence, training and support.

The comprehensive technology analysis looks at your infrastructure, hardware, software, scanning & printing needs, firewalls, virus protection & backup, internet & communications needs, web & social media sites, as well as your applications & processes. Making recommendations for improvements in speed, reliablity, performance and ease of use. We will make recommendations where automation can be implemented to save time and money. A Technology Needs Analysis also looks at your service providers and recommends where alternatives may be more suitable.

System Design & Specification

Having a precise roadmap with a wholistic view and detailed specification for your entire ICT systems is step one to acheiving your 'final destination'. This vision will have clear individual objectives, with timelines and stages set-out in plain english.

Developing a plan is systematic:
* To set direction and priorities.
* To get everyone on the same page.
* To simplify processes.
* To focus on and achieve your objectives.

A professional well thought through technology plan is necessary to make your business more productive, efficient and to attain the maximum market share. When a company has a technology plan that works, it can deal with variables, and issues that arise because you and your staff are not distracted by technology failures and short comings.

Business Grade Hardware

A good foundation for any business system is high quality business hardware. Correctly configured business grade hardware means you and your staff can focus on your business tasks without running around putting out spot fires and having to work around system failures. We have supplied and installed quality brands and business grade equipment to small businesses for over 40 years. We are small business specialists and understand the needs of small business. We know what works and how it should be configured.

From desktops to tablets, on the road or in the office. No matter what you do or where you do it, you can't do your job properly, professionally and efficiently if your technology is letting you down. If you plan to stay in business, choose equipment designed for business.

Process Automation

Process automation is about configuring your system to make your daily tasks as easy as possible. Let the technology do most of the work. If you're time poor, you need to automate. Automation is about choosing the right applications for your needs and configuring those applications to do the mundain tasks for you. Don't waste your time deleting spam - let the mail client do that for you. Don't waste time duplicating entry in to multiple databases - setup automatic integration. Be more effective and efficient. Let Adcorp show you how to automate your processes.

Saving just 15 minutes a day gives you back 5 hours every month. Computers were designed to automate workloads, perform mundain and repetative tasks.
Let them do their job, so you can do yours.

Timely Professional Support & Advice

At Adcorp we strive to be on time, everytime. We use our own technology to keep us on schedule and if we are running late, our system will automatically let you know. Innovations like these in technology are tranforming the way we all do business. Professional advice and a wholistic plan is essential to keep your business on top of your competition.

When your business starts going down the road of looking at a solution for only a short term gain, you could be setting up yourself for long term failure. Stop putting out the spot fires and get a fire plan! If the workload is too great to manage professionally, it's time to automate.

Cost Effective Professional Service

At Adcorp we don't believe in charging clients retainer fees or monthly access fees just to be able to call us. Try it, call us now! We answer. No queues, No waiting, No hassles, and surprisingly No cost. We answer because we want to help. You won't have to quote ID numbers or supply credit cards. We know who our clients are and know their entire system, before we pick up the phone. If we can fix it over the phone in 5 minutes, it's free.

Our technicians are all qualified professionals, not call centre workers reading from a script. When you call, it will be answered by a professional, who knows you and your system. Someone who can help you over the phone, or by remote access, fast and efficiently, and in cases where the issue may prevent remote access, they can call on-site. Our objective is to solve your issues, by providing solutions that not only fix your immediate issue, but reduce the risk of the issue re-occuring.



Resilient Networks

Your network is the backbone of your entire system. Networks need to be reliable and robust. Without a reliable, resilient network, nothing else will work. Internet, email, communications & applications all rely on the network system. From the NBN router to the end point. Get the infrastructure & foundations right, then, and only then, can you build a reliable system.

With over 40 years experience in networking, from the UK to Australia, we have the tools, experience and specific knowledge to get your network system up, working and reliable. It's not rocket science, it's basic computing science.

Small Business Only

At Adcorp we focus on Small Business. We are Microsoft qualified Small Business Specialists. We know what works and more importantly, what doesn't work for small business. That's because we are one. All the systems, hardware and applications we recommend, we use ourselves. We know they work, we know how to configure them and how to support them.

If we recommend it, we can supply it, install it and support it. We even provide all warranty services for all the equipment we install. We are not box sellers. By that we mean, we dont sell boxes and then palm off the installation, support or warranty to someone else.

Medical, Retail, Hospitality, Wholesale, Manufacturing,
Not for Profit & Service Industries

We understand how small business works. If your business has between 1 and 25 technology end points we have the skills to support your technology systems. Servers (Cloud based or On-premise), Desktops and Workstations, Laptops and Tablets, Printers & Scanners, Phones (Landlines or Mobiles), NBN & Internet, Data Cabling, Switches & Routers. We can supply all of this and more via our proven quality supply chains and service partners. Quality brands, business grade products and professional services. We can also supply & setup your NBN service, phone lines, mobile devices & business applications or software subscriptions.

We have on staff, qualified programmers that can design or refresh your website and/or social media pages, create or update your bespoke databases & create custom interface modules to automate your processes.

  • Medical Systems

    We support a number of local GP's & Specialists practices, as well as Ancillary services such as Optometrists, Physiotherapists & Podiatrists. We support Medical Director Pracsoft, Clinical, Bluechip, Helix as well as other medical applications, both on premise and cloud based systems.

    Providing Phone, Remote & On-Site Support
    7am to 6pm Monday to Friday (without the wait), and other times by appointment. Call us now and see, when you need support, we answer.

  • Retail & Hospitality Systems

    We can help create your fully integrated 'On Premise' and Online sales and accounting system. With robust POS terminals and software, linked to business grade desktops and workstations.

    Our POS terminals are the toughest available, able to handle everything from a boutique to a busy bar. We even have fully automated online shop fronts that integrate seamlessly with your warehouse or shop front system. Join the trend by taking your retail business global.

  • Wholesale & Manufacturing

    We cut our teeth 40 years ago, developing our own warehouse software, and we now have our own R&D division developing new technology. So, we know what a good warehousing system looks like, and we have years of experience in setting up and integrating manufacturing, from CAD to CNC.

    Adcorp integrated the first CNC lathe in Tamworth. So if you want the equipment that is robust enough to handle the warehouse or factory floor, we have the knowledge. We are independent so can advise on relevant, practical and immerging technology.

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