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What do our clients say about us?

At Adcorp Computers we put the client's needs first. They are the most important part of our business. We have clients that have been with us for over 23 years. We aim to help them grow and survive, because if they grow we grow. It's this philosophy that has helped us grow for 28 years.

Habate Industrial Paints - Gunnedah
One of our first clients. Habate have been using our services since the late 80's. 100% of the Habate system has been supplied by Adcorp Computers. Server, Terminals, Routers and Hubs, even their Custom Software, Power Protection and Backup Systems. With a large database of sales history going back to 1998. Habate have an extensive customer history to protect. Our qualified advice has helped steer them through drought, and floods, blackouts and surges. With our help and without spending a fortune, Habate have obtained and maintained a well designed and high performance system over many years. Many small businesses end up spending too much for their IT system, simply because they dont have a plan.

Phil Hunt Parts - Tamworth
Phil Hunt Parts has been using Adcorp Computers for over 12 years. A professional parts business requires a reliable system. In March they upgraded their server to a greener, and simpler Terminal Server system recently to improve performance and allow the introduction of a number of Thin Client Terminals. These light weight terminals use much less power and save around $800 per year in ongoing costs. All small businesses need to obtain the highest ROI they can, especially from their investments in IT. At Adcorp our experience and understanding of how our client works, helps us design systems that last the distance and improve ROI. Get your complete system analysis done today. You will find that doing it right is not only easier and less stressful, but also cheaper in the long run.


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