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We can supply most business technology requirements at competitive prices. Servers and Rack Mounted Equipment, Desktops and Thin Clients, Laptops and Mobile Devices, Printers, POS Systems, VoIP Phone Systems, Backup Devices, Virus and Power Protection, and a wide range of business software, However, at Adcorp we only supply quality brand named products. Because we believe Quality comes first.

All hardware and software we supply comes fully configured and installed to your unique requirements, we are not a box shipper. This is because most business products require professional configuration and installation. If you want your technology to work reliably. If you want the best performance. Then let us do our job, so you can get on with yours.

We are exclusive agents for software and the full range of OpenOffice Technology hardware. If you would like to know more about the products we offer, we look forward to answering your call. When you call us, we answer. There’s no computerised virtual receptionist, no queues, just a normal everyday person just like you who’s here to help you get the solution you need.

The right advice leads to the right product. Too often we see products designed for the home user market installed in commercial businesses. This only leads to poor performance, high failure rates and lots of downtime. Get the right product for the job. Dont waste your hard earnt money on products that you know will fail. Look at all expenditure as an investment, go for long term solutions rather than expensive quick fixes.


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