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23/04/2012 - Paul Adnett Achieves a Ranking of No.4 in Australia!

Congratulations Paul!

On Acheiving a Ranking of 4th in the country from Microsoft's Training Academy (MVA) as at 23/4/2012. There are over 6,800 IT professionals registered with the MVA in Australia (621,400 worldwide)
Paul has acheived a ranking of 4th in the country and 1500th in the world

On hearing the news Paul's comments were "Having had 28 years experience in the IT industry helps, but even I was surprised that I got in the top 100 let alone the top 5 There's lots of younger, guys out there doing great work, but I guess many don't see the benefits of certification and training. I believe, especially in the IT industry, you have to embrace the new technologies as they come out otherwise your knowledge will become obsolete"
To see the MVA top Ten Ranking list Click here

In the past 12 months Microsoft has made a concerted effort to improve the training available to all IT Consultants and Specialists. Paul has completed 11 courses already this year and is booked in for another 4 before the end of June. Considering all of the Certification exams are held in either Sydney or Brisbane it is a huge effort to not only do the study but also take the time away from your paid work to sit the exams or assessments. But with the amount of new technology coming on to the market it's got to be a priority to stay on top of it.

"If you dont stay up-to-date with the technology you're not offering the best to your client!"



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